Delivering High-Quality, Cost Effective Results

McBride Company has the team in place to get your commercial project off the ground. Through organization and communication, our firm delivers high quality low maintenance commercial structures to meet our clients needs.


The Commons At Baum

Office / Warehouse

16,000 Sq.Ft.

Planning Your Project . .

From site selection to closing, the project orientation phase executed by McBride Company addresses clients needs.

Our pre-construction participation begins in the site selection phase and continues through completion of the design process. During this critical phase we accomplish the following – all crucial to the overall success of the project:

  • Establish and prioritize the physical and performance criteria.
  • Prepare a preliminary estimate that serves to help establish a budget; Once the budget is established, run a series of estimates to monitor the design and ensure that the project will remain in budget.
  • Determining the design and construction schedules; Establishing awareness of your responsibilities and critical dates needed to maintain the overall schedule.

Projects are “built” multiple times on paper throughout this phase. Critical coordination between McBride and clients is established early and is fine-tuned as the design develops creating an attitude of respect and sharing as each individual becomes integrally involved in the decision-making process. This relationship carries forward into the construction activities as McBride and clients continue to work together through shop drawing reviews and site visits.

Building Your Project . . .

McBride Company ensures that your commercial structure meets and exceeds local and state commercial building codes. Our company achieves this goal utilizing the following processes:

Cost Control
After the design is completed and construction begins, costs are controlled by the project management team. Costs are continuously monitored through the use of the following reports:

  • Labor Costs/Projections
  • Material Edit Report
  • Material/Subcontractor Buyout
  • Job History Report
  • Monthly Projections
  • Payment/Retainage Log

Additionally, we monitor estimated and current contract amounts and change orders.

Monitoring Quality
Equal in importance to cost control is quality control. Recognizing this, McBride takes positive steps to assure quality workmanship. The quality control begins with an attempt to conform to the plans and specifications given to the project team. Second, we commit to constructing each commercial structure to the level of quality we would expect if we were the owner. We maintain the quality assurance by ensuring that the proper materials are delivered on a timely basis. This is accomplished through review of the drawings and consultations with subcontractors and material suppliers who furnish materials to the jobsite.

Staying on Schedule
Schedule control is a major component of cost control. Extended job schedules have a major cost impact. However, we use techniques such as schedule audits to constantly improve our process. We constantly update our schedules factoring in such elements as weather, product scarcity and labor availability.

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